Saturday, June 23, 2007

Recent Purchases - New Strobes and another Controller

I almost forgot to mention, I recently ordered some new things for the Christmas Display this year...

I already have the strobe lights here, now I need to find a C-9 light string so I can try them out.

Working on 2007 Show!

I am working on the 2007 show. Right now I am looking for new tunes to synchronize this year. I will not be able to reuse the sequences from last year easily, so I will probably pick all new music. Of course there will be a Carol of the Bells, probably not one of the two I used in 2006.

I am currently considering two Carol of the Bells - a cool, modern Bare Naked Ladies version and a rousing techno Arctic Express.

Beyond Carol of the Bells, there is a great swing-vibe Frank Sinatra Jingle Bells, an 8-bit Jingle Bells, and a folksy Canon in D.