Saturday, March 3, 2007

David Foster version of Carol of the Bells

This is the second version of Carol of the Bells I completed for Christmas 2006. This is my favorite high spirited version, I first heard it on a Casey Kasem Christmas special 2 years ago; I did not know then that I could synchronize Christmas light to anything. It always made me think in my head how lights could dance to it.

When I figured out I could put together the Christmas display, this song right up there on the short list, unfortunately it is hard to find. It is not on iTunes, Yahoo Unlimited, Yahoo MusicMatch, Urge, Napster or Rhapsody, basically it is not available digitally. I am sure I could have bit-torrented it, but that would have been illegal :(. Also the CD is not available in local stores or on as new. I ended up joining and added this CD as my number one "I need it."

Luckily someone on came through, I had the whole CD and had the capability to create the light display.

I started this sequence off from, someone else worked out the timing, I adapted their layout for my display. Having someone else set-up the timing saved me a lot of time. I completed this version the day after Thanksgiving, as my family waited for darkness and a promised "one more song". It is blinkier than I liked, and in person it has the strobe/seizure effect, but this is a fast paced, dramatic song, the light display had to match that as well.


shebeime said...

That was fab-u-lous!!! I have been looking for this song for the past year and I thought that I had located it on itunes and I was to lazy to buy it at the time and now I can't seem to find it anymore. I would so love to have that song for myself. But your lights display was beautiful and well worth the search!!!!


Kailey said...

cool.. im a figure skater and i used this for a christmas show . this song rules but this light show is cool!!!

Herek said...

I've just recently become addicted to this song! Just stumbled across it during one of The Weather Channel's Local Forecast segments. Your light show is AWESOME! Thanks (belatedly) for a great display. If anyone has updates on where the song can be gotten, I'd appreciate any tips.